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Money is a tool.

Let me teach ​you to use it ​better.

Your money.

Your values.

Your goals.

Personal finance should be personal to you.

Based on your values and your goals.

Financial literacy rates in the U.S. are low at a time when the ​need for financial knowledge and awareness has never been ​greater. Yet, even if you know better, you may not do better.

Let me teach you how to better manage your cash flow, credit, ​and debt to get where you want to go, like college, retirement ​or even just less stressful month to month living.

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How is financial counseling different from advising?

Financial Counseling is a collaboration between client and counselor to identify the client’s ​personal financial goals and the steps necessary to reach those goals – small or large.

Together we address financial issues such as cash flow, household spending, savings plans, ​credit history, debt repayment schedules and pre-consumer loan counseling as well as ​providing general retirement and investment education.

Financial counseling is appropriate for individuals, couples and families who are in the ​process of building or merging their household assets. Once their asset building goals are ​met, a client may be ready to consider transferring to a Certified Financial Planner® for more ​advanced financial planning such as comprehensive retirement and estate planning.



One to one financial counseling for individuals and ​couples. Whether you are starting your financial life ​or entering a transition phase, working with me can ​help you start with a clearer vision of where you ​want to go.

Some of my clients:

  • Know they have enough money, but need help ​learning how to manage it better
  • Have a goal in mind but need help planning for it
  • Want to create a spending plan they can live with
  • Are combining household finances
  • Want to transition to a single income
  • Want help getting their teen or young adult ready ​to launch more financially literate
  • Need a supportive accountability partner on their ​financial journey

Please reach out so we can discuss how I can best ​help you on your financial journey.


I offer classes, workshops, and employer ​sponsored lunch and learn opportunities on a ​variety of subjects such as:

  • Financial goal setting
  • Credit and debt repayment
  • Teaching your kids about money
  • Paying for college
  • General investing education
  • Financial organization
  • P​e​rsonal Finance Book Discussion Groups

Don't see a to​pic you're interested in on the list?

I'm happy ​to design​ a workshop for your group or company.

Upcoming Classes

Personal Finance Classes

Everyone has experience with money, but ​sometimes we wish we had better experiences ​with money. Come join the discussion on a ​variety of personal finance topics.

Learn Kakeibo, the Japanese Way of Money ​Management Thursday, January 4th @ 7PM

  • Kakeibo is an easy to learn system of ​tracking your spending with an emphasis on ​reaching your monthly savings goal.
  • Participants will receive their own Kakeibo ​notebook that we will set up in class.
  • Since any system is only as useful as the ​habits we develop to maintain it, we will also ​talk about how to create habits to help stay ​on track.

Upcoming Book Discussion Groups

Personal Finance Book Clubs

Everyone has experience with money, but ​sometimes we wish we had better experiences ​with money. Come join the discussion on a ​variety of personal finance topics.

Tuesday, January 23rd @ 7PM

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Changing some ​of our financial habits will be the focus of our ​discussion.

Tuesday, February 20th @ 7PM

“Elements of Investing” by by Burton G. Malkiel ​and Charles D. Ellis. A great beginner book for ​people interested in investing beyond a savings ​account.

Book Club Events are held at the

CO Lab Glenside

107a East Glenside Avenue

Glenside, PA 19038


Participants can find copies of the books at local ​public libraries, or at local bookstores.

Please bring your book copy with you!

My goal is helping you reach yours. Period.

Research shows us that creating spending and ​savings plans that are in line with our values, helps ​clients stick to their goals and achieve them faster ​with fewer false starts. Together we can help you set ​financial goals and debt repayment plans that are in ​line with your values.

Most importantly, the information and plans we build ​together are tailored to you and your situation. I want ​all of my clients to feel empowered by identifying ​their goals and working together to create strategies ​to achieve those goals.

I am an Accredited Financial Counselor with the ​Association for Financial Counseling and Planning ​Education and hold a Financial Educator Certificate ​from the University of Minnesota Extension. I have a ​Master of Science from Drexel University and a ​Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University.

Let's work together. Call me now.

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